About Us

Welcome to MidTown’s new cultural hub. The Saint first and foremost is a local taproom, bar and barrel house featuring Brasserie Saint James gold medal beers, as well as other local rotating breweries on tap. We also offer a fine selection of house curated cocktails, wines and craft bottled beers from around the world. 

At the heart of everything we do is music and culture. We will feature live performances and various dance parties. Be prepared for a fair amount of free shows, and at times anticipate a ticketed show. Together we will provide emerging and National artists an opportunity to perform on our stage and entertain our community. Tickets will be limited – when you see a ticketed event, we highly recommend that you jump on it. We are providing an intimate and exceptional atmosphere to enjoy very special opportunities. 

We are a local Reno business, run and operated by Reno artists and soul. We have entertained our local community and beyond since 2008 when we opened up St. James Infirmary, setting fire to the first Reno craft beer scene, supported by classic cocktails, dance parties, and live music. In 2012 we opened our craft brewery, Brasserie Saint James, winning national honors and medals for our beer and our mid-size brewery. In 2016 we reached over the mountains and opened our second Brasserie in the heart of the Mission District in SF, where we continue to spread the good Reno vibes. We are proud to deliver Reno this next installment.

We look forward to your continued support.