5 Tips To Taste A Good Craft Beer

Traditionally, the tasting process has been associated with wine. However, this is not only there, since craft beer , although many people may not believe it, can also be tasted; since it is a drink with multiple qualities that are undoubtedly worth appreciating to the fullest.

To be able to enjoy the experience of drinking a good beer in the best way, you have to learn to taste it; because there is no use ingesting it if you are not making the most of all the qualities it provides.

Do you want to know how to taste a good craft beer ?, Well in this article we will give you some tips so that you enjoy the moment of drinking a beer.

How to taste a craft beer to make the most of all its qualities?

It is no secret to anyone that when you have a beer in front of you, you have two options to drink it; drink it quickly or make it smooth in order to better appreciate its aroma and flavor.

Without a doubt, nothing better than this last option!

What you should know is that when tasting a beer you should not only put your palate into practice, but also your smell and sight; since in this way you can enjoy both the flavor, aroma as well as the appearance of it. That is why some tips are listed below so that you can placidly taste a good craft beer .

1- Serve the beer correctly

The first step to taste a good beer is to serve it when it is at a temperature that is close to ambient; so it is important to forget those frozen beers, as they lose their properties.

When serving, it is recommended to use a glass or jug; since this way the craft beer will be able to show all its qualities. In addition, it is important that the foam crown is formed when serving; To do this, the glass must be placed at 45 ° and slowly reclined until it reaches its vertical position, as this helps to generate said foam.

On the other hand, the glass should preferably be filled halfway; so that we can comfortably smell and move the drink without spilling a drop.

2- Observe various aspects of beer

When tasting , it is convenient to look at the beer; since in this way it will be possible to visualize some characteristic aspects of it, such as: color, texture, foam, presence of particles, among other factors. That is why before quickly putting a beer in your mouth, it is worth stopping for a few minutes to look closely at what it is like; in order to be able to enjoy its appearance and even determine if it is of high graduation and quality, since, as they say: The flavor enters through the eyes! and indeed it is.

3- Gently shake the beer

A key aspect to be able to taste to the maximum of all the qualities that a craft beer presents is to move it gently; preferably in circles. In this way, all the aromas of the same will appear and it will be possible to check the retention of foam.

4- Enjoy the pleasant smell of beer

Once the beer is gently shaken and all the aromas begin to appear, feel free to get closer to smell it; since this way you can enjoy its flavor as if you were already drinking it.

It should be noted that a good craft beer will give off different aromas, since depending on its combination, some nuances will predominate over others; although you can usually detect the smell of malted cereal, hops and balanced alcohol.

5- Taste and taste the great taste of beer

When it is time to drink the beer, you should do it with small sips.

It is preferably recommended to start with three; since the first will help you clean your palate, the second will make it more suitable for you and the third will allow you to fully enjoy the rich flavor of a good craft beer .